Caistor St Edmund Parish Council

Caistor St Edmund Church 3

A very warm welcome to your Caistor St Edmund Parish Council website.

Roman Town Picture

Caistor St Edmund (Venta Icenorum) is one of only three “greenfield” Roman regional capitals in Britain that were not succeeded by medieval and modern towns.  The ruins are in the care of the Norfolk Archaeological Trust and managed by South Norfolk Council.  It is assumed that the Roman ‘Stone Street’ runs from Dunwich on the Suffolk coast to Caistor St Edmund near Norwich.  The parish church of St Edmund’s lies at the south east corner of the old Roman Town.   Caistor St Edmund features on the Antonine Itinerary, a Roman “road map” of the routes around Britain.

Caistor Old Hall was built in 1612 for Thomas Pettus.  During the 19th century it was owned by John Spurrell (son of William Spurrell, of Thurgarton, Norfolk).  The River Tas passes under Markshall bridge, just north of the Roman camp, and then flows on towards Arminghall and Trowse.

Littering along Markshall Lane

It has been brought to the Parish Council’s attention that there has been a deliberate littering of white paper along Markshall Lane on several occasions. South Norfolk Council endeavour to clear this litter up as soon as possible. If anyone sees such instances of littering please could we ask that these are reported to the Parish Council and if possible evidence such as a license plate of the offender(s) is provided as this may enable South Norfolk Council to prosecute the offender(s). Thank you for helping the Parish Council keep our Parish tidy and litter free. To report any instances please e-mail the Parish Clerk @

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