Fire service offers water safety advice as temperatures set to soar

Norfolk residents are being reminded of the dangers of swimming in open water by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.  With temperatures set to soar in the coming days, Garry Collins, Head of Fire Prevention and Protection, has issued some safety advice to the public.  He said: “Sadly as the weather improves, so does the temptation to venture into the open water, particularly if we see other people doing the same. Many families also get out the paddling pools at home. We would like to offer reminders which can help keep everyone safer this summer.”

Advice includes:
• Ensure young ones are always supervised, even with small paddling pools in the garden.
• If you are tempted to enter open water, remember cold water shock can take your breath away
• Respect the water. Even in hot weather outdoor water temperatures remain cold.
• Avoid entering water in remote locations without any form of protection or supervision, even if you are a strong swimmer.
• Swim in your local swimming pool, it is the safest place. If you do wish to swim outside, go somewhere which is a designated swimming only area with easy access and egress and a lifeguard on hand to help in an emergency, while also being completely boat free.

“Sadly many drowning incidents involve more than one person as members of the public may respond to assist and also get into difficulty,” said Garry.


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